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Counselor's Corner

Welcome to Mrs. Bonner, our new school counselor!

Contact her by calling the school office or via email at

Resources & Information

Russell County Department of Human Resources (334) 214-5780
Russell County Health Department (334) 297-0251


Russell County School District has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Please CLICK HERE for the Bullying Report Form!

School Bullying Rules:

  1. No Teasing
  2. No Name Calling
  3. No Exclusion
  4. No Hitting, Pushing, Shoving, etc.
  5. No Threatening
  6. No Cyber Bullying

Comprehensive Counseling Program:

A comprehensive school counseling and guidance program ensures that every student has multiple opportunities to acquire competencies in the three domains of Academic Development, Career Development, and Personal/Social Development.  A combination of the four program delivery components helps to assist the students to achieve the competencies.  The four program delivery components are as follows:

1.  School Guidance Curriculum–Large Group Guidance Lessons

2.  Individual Student Planning–Small Group Counseling Lessons

3.  Responsive Services–Individual Counseling

4.  System Support–Consultation with the school staff

What can you expect from your counselor?

~individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, large group counseling & small  group counseling

~recognition for your achievements

~someone who will listen

~availability to answer your questions

~a contact for scheduling parent/teacher conferences