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Book Fair

Books and Book Fairs are Fun!

Students reading on the floor.

Book Fair Information

  • Dates: Oct. 28-Nov. 1  &   May 5-8
  • Hours:  8:30-Noon ET 
  • The books start at $7.00 and range up to about $30.
  • Payment forms:
    • Cash (Please send in an envelope, ziplock bag, or wallet. It also helps if you write the amount of the funds on the ziplock or envelope.)
    • Check (include driver’s license # and state issued)
    • You can set up an eWallet for your child by clicking here. eWallets are a great way to provide your child with funds without having to worry about the funds getting lost or stolen. You can also share the eWallet information with friends and family that may want to give your child additional money to shop at the book fair.
  • Student and teacher purchases are not covered by the school’s tax exemption certificate. Sale tax will be collected on all purchases.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with the fair. Please sign up at this link.
  • The book fair is a great way to stock up on educational and fun books.
  • Thank you for supporting Oliver and a love of reading!